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The Night Before the Bris

The night before the Bris is the time to make a Krias Shema, or a Vacht Nacht. There are many different Minhagim about what people do the night before the Bris. Some learn a little, some a few hours, and some learn the whole night.

Either way, there is a universal Krias Shema everyone makes. You will invite children to come and say the first Parsha of Krias Shema (Shema until VeHaya) next to the baby. Then they say HaMalach HaGoel. Many also say the Pasuk of Hinei Lo Yanum three times. The children are then given a Pekalah or a treat and sent off.

The Mohel has by now given you a list of things to bring to the Bris. (For that list - See Here)

Double check to see you have everything prepared for tomorrow. Save yourself the headache on the morning of the Bris.


How are you getting to the Bris? Will you be taking a cab, or will your in-laws be driving you in their car? Will there be room for everyone, the carriage and the bassinet? How long will it take to get there? Where will you park? There is often traffic in the mornings, and these are questions you should be asking yourselves the night before the Bris, not the next day when you are under pressure.

The Bris Guide Taxi
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