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Rabbi Shlomo Golish is a Certified Mohel with over 10 years experience. He trained in and has performed Brissim in the U.S.A., England, and Israel. Rabbi Golish combines the Tradition of the past Mohelim with modern technique and medicine.

Rabbi Golish originally trained with the world renowned teacher Ephraim Josovic of London. He went on to train with Rabbi Mendel Fuchs of Jerusalem, and with the world class Rabbi Aharon Greentzveig Z"L, Official Mohel of the Mother's Convalescent Home (Beit Hachlama) in Telzstone. Rabbi Greentzveig passed away on the 21st of Iyar, 5780. Rabbi Greentzveig was known worldwide amongst many mohelim as the greatest expert of his time. Performing Brissim for about 40 years, he had only taken five select students under his tutelage. Rabbi Golish was his last student.

Rabbi Golish believes that each Bris should be dealt with in a customized manner, according to each baby's specific anatomy. Attention to detail and precision are his expertise.

Rapid healing is Rabbi Golish's specialty.  All of his Brissim are performed with natural coagulation technique and medicine, to ensure the safest and fastest healing process. Your baby's health is of utmost importance.

Hygiene is his priority. And Excellent Customer Service is his dedication. Rabbi Golish will come see the baby before the Bris, and will come later for the aftercare. You will be comfortable approaching him with any concerns or questions.

Rabbi Golish is additionally trained to perform all types of complicated Brissim.

Many happy references available.

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